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We help brand to reach market faster and better with great products.


We are a fully integrated OEM/ODM factory. We produce 1 million pieces per month for reputable customers. We are fully certified CPKB, PKRT, BPOM, ISO, and Halal.

Our R&D Team can develop best in class formulation. We can design your private brand from concept to finished goods. We thrive for excellence and keep investing in people and technology for future develop

Our Factory

We are a global company that specializes in the production of cosmetics. Our manufacturing facilities uses the most advanced technology and equipment to produce the best color cosmetics and skin care products.

Our Products

Access To Market

Rapid change in Indonesian consumers behaviors has shape a new retail paradigm to enter the market. Young generation shops different from their parents and are more relating on social media and celebrities.

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We always treat all our request with best class R & D team and commercial proposal.

Company Values

  • Market Trend and innovation
  • Customer centric
  • Continuous Learning Team
  • Smart Technology
  • Sustainable Impact and nature friendly

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