Our Story

Started in 2012 to supply Sophie Martin brand and BrunBrun Paris, Formula was established with very high quality standard. Today we produce for famous brands that trust our ability to deliver best in class cosmetic products.
We are fully integrated cosmetic factory. We produce 1 million pieces per month for reputable customers.
We are fully certified CPKB, PKRT, BPOM, ISO, and Halal. Our R&D Team can develop best in class formulation. We can design your private brand from concept to finished goods.
We thrive for excellence and keep investing in people and technology for future development.
Thanks to our sister company, we can distribute your cosmetic products on our retail Sistersel platform. Sistersel is an Omnichannel Retail Coompany that distribute more than 50 brands in Indonesia both online and offline. www.sistersel.com
With Flexofast we can help your brand for all fulfillment and e-commerce enabler. www.flexofast.com


Complete Facilities

High Standard

Unbeatable experiences

Our Partners


We have all certification to produce Halal and Bpom approved products” We thrive for excellence and keep improving our processes for better quality and customer satisfaction.